Tomorrow’s world demands education

For 70 years, the GED® test has provided a powerful second chance for millions of adults worldwide. The GED® testing program is the only high school equivalency credential recognized by all 50 states. When you pass the test, you open doors to new possibilities. Everyone deserves a chance to have a job they enjoy and the education they want. The GED® test is your chance to get the job or career you want. Graduates prove their academic skills and knowledge in the basic subject areas of reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. About the GED® test:

  • People with a high school credential earn $568,000 more in a lifetime than people without a high school credential
  • The GED® test takes a little more than seven hours to complete
  • More than 18 million people have passed the GED® test

The GED® test is administered year-round at more than 3,400 testing centers worldwide. The GED® test was created in 1942 as a second-chance opportunity. One decision shouldn't define a lifetime—transform your life with the GED® test.

Adult education

When a dropout discovers the importance of a high school credential, our adult education program is waiting to help. On average, an adult dropout waits eight years before taking the GED®test. After spending years—sometimes decades—away from the scholastic setting of a classroom, adults can refresh their knowledge in each content area at our adult education classes. Forty-six percent of adults choose to enter a public school or community college adult education class prior to taking the GED®test. This popular, hands-on learning style is a first step for many GED®test-takers.Our adult education program serves a diverse population of age, ethnicity, language skills, educational background, motivation, and family situation.

As the starting point for nearly half of all GED®test-takers, adult education centers are a key component of the GED®testing program. GED Testing Service works closely with national organizations such as the National Coalition for Literacy (NCL)National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL), and the Department of Education Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE)to share information, present at forums and events, and support adult education across the country.

The GED®test on computer

EDUCATION CONNECTION/Foothills Adult & Continuing Education is committed to providing adult learners with more opportunities to earn a high school equivalency credential and pursue goals of college, training, and jobs. Thirty-nine million Americans don’t have a high school diploma and the current GED®testing program reaches just two percent of this population. Offering the current 2014 GED®Test on computer provides these adults with increased and improved access to GED®testing today, and prepares them for the demands of postsecondary education and careers tomorrow.

The GED®test on computer still requires test-takers to show up in person, at our official testing center, to take the test.

Benefits of offering the 2014 GED®Test on computer:

  • Test-takers can access our easy-to-use online registration and scheduling system
  • Test-takers receive instant score reports on all four content areas
  • Convenient 24/7
  • Streamlined services from GED Testing Service and its partner, Pearson VUE, will centralize registration, scheduling, testing and scoring

Delivering the current 2014 GED®Test to a computer delivery model prepares the program and adult learners today for the new assessment which include the latest standards in assessment development such as complex item types that require a computer-based delivery platform.

Computer vs. pencil and paper

In April 2013, EDUCATION CONNECTION/Foothills Adult & Continuing Education officially launched the GED®test on computer and this new way to take the test is gaining momentum. We’re hearing great things from test-takers who enjoy the convenience of taking the test on computer.

 Adults who take the GED® test on computer are scoring higher and finishing faster. In fact, 88% of people pass the GED® test on computer, compared with 71% on paper.

The GED®test on computer allows test-takers to take advantage of the benefits of 21stcentury testing.